[Wired Magazine Prototype Cover - 1991]
[Photo, NYC 1991: Louis, Jane, John, and Barbara]

From 1991 to 1998 P+K were the Creative Directors of Wired Ventures, a company they helped found with editor and publishers Louis Rossetto & Jane Metcalfe.

Wired Magazine premiered in January 1993, inviting readers to a future where, in a few year's time, personal computers, the internet and cell-phones would become common-place – today's networked world.

In 1994 Wired moved from announcing the future to helping invent it. P+K were the designers on the small team that created the world's first website with original content and advertising – HotWired.

In 1996 Wired created a book publishing division, for which P+K provided creative direction and designed several books, HardWired.

[The ASME's National Magazine Award statue]

Wired won three National Magazine Awards in its first five years, two for 'General Excellence' and one for Design. Good Magazine places early Wired among the top 10 'Best Magazines Ever'.

[Wired Magazine 1.01 January 1993][Wired Magazine 1.02 May 1993][Wired Magazine 1.03 July 1993][Wired Magazine 1.04 September 1993][Wired Magazine 1.05 October 1993][Wired Magazine 1.06 December 1993]
[Wired Magazine 2.01 January 1994][Wired Magazine 2.03 March 1994][Wired Magazine 2.04 April 1994][Wired Magazine 2.06 June 1994][Wired Magazine 2.08 August 1994][Wired Magazine 2.10 October 1994]
[Wired Magazine 3.10 January 1995][Wired Magazine 3.04 April 1995][Wired Magazine 3.05 May 1995][Wired Magazine 3.10 October 1995][Wired Magazine 3.11 November 1995][Wired Magazine 3.12 December 1995]
[Wired's design was digital and unmistakable.][Wired Magazine 4.06 June 1996][Wired Magazine 4.08 August 1996][Wired Magazine 4.11 November 1996][Wired Magazine 4.12 December 1996]
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