[Spring 1994: Mosaic browser allows embedded graphics.] [HotWired's first San Francisco office. The 'internet' was strewn overhead.]

HotWired 1994 – 1999

In 1994 Wired Magazine moved from announcing the future to helping invent it. P+K were the creative directors of Hot Wired and Wired Digital, from inception through 1999.

HotWired's small team created the world's first website with original content and advertising, as well as some of the earliest visual language and 'user interface' models still in use today. The determining factor – then and now – is bandwidth. Ironically higher bandwidth has only increased the challenge to keep story-telling simple, clear & bold.

Wired Digital 1995 – 1999

As the editorial and business potential of web media became more apparent, Wired poured the magazine's profits into web R&D. WiredDigital created many websites, including WiredNews, The Netizen (a precursor to blogging), and Web Monkey – which taught anyone how to build their own website.

[October 1994: The world's first website with original content and advertising launches.]
[Low bandwidth defined resolution and functionality. Narrow, scrolling text columns were an early innovation.]
[As the technology evolved so did HotWired. This version 
introduced changing content each time a visitor logged on.]
[HotWired pioneered personalized content as well as 
'dynamic' (animated) web pages.]
[WiredNews provided constantly updated reports.]
[WebMonkey shared our web knowledge with everybody. The Netizen featured daily reports and animations. HotWired grew from the original 14 person team in 1994, to more than 200 employees by 1996! In 1999 Wired Digital was sold to Lycos.]