Plunkett + Kuhr
Conference graphics and Program Guide
Punctuation, as well as the North and South Pole's quickly shrinking ice-caps, were used to symbolize TED's twin themes of 'The Big Questions' and 'Ideas worth spreading.'
[TED 2008 Conference Graphic - The Big Questions]
[TED 2008 Conference Graphic - Ideas worth spreading]
[TED 2008 Program Guide]

"This book is not a tree."

Inspired by William McDonough's ideas, TED's guide was designed to serve as "a prototype for the book as a 'technical nutrient,'...a product that can be broken down and circulated infinitely in industrial cycles."

The text, covers, dividers and slipcase were all made of fully recyclable polypropylene, printed with vegetable- based inks and wiro-bound.

The pencil is made from recycled newspapers, and lasts two to three times longer than wood pencils.