Plunkett + Kuhr

Upper Park Avenue Street Design
Park City, Utah 1998 – 2004

Park City was a silver-mining boom town from the 1890's through the 1940's, but fell on extremely hard times (it was once listed as a ghost town), before its rebirth as a ski resort over the last few decades.

Suburbs were built in the 1980's to encourage economic development, but the trade-off was a dis-investment in the original town center - school buildings were abandoned and Main Street's community center was sold.

We arrived in the early 90's, to a street without storm-drains used as a service alley for Main Street commerce, even though zoning protected this largely intact neighborhood of historic homes.

In the absence of government interest, we first formed a neighborhood association to lobby city politicians to reinvest in the residential core, and then worked with the city to design a pedestrian- friendly street, rather than the suburban thruway first proposed.

Abandoned school-house & ice-chipping, circa 1985

Restaurant dumpster, 1998

A new residential street, 2005

City plan (above) vs the neighborhood alternative for the half-mile, mountain street

The city plan (left) provided storm-drains but paved over most of the city's right-of-way.
P+K designed an alternative to narrow the street and slow traffic, restore sidewalks, and add a parking lane and landscape strip.
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