Four Park City Homes:
Historic exteriors, Modern interiors

These four homes in Park City's historic district are all wood-frame miner's shacks, built into the hillside about 100 years ago without any foundation. Our goal is to rebuild them for the next century with modern interiors and floor-plans, while preserving their exterior appearance and relation to the street as much as possible.

Each home started out with one floor of usable space, about 800 - 1,000 sq ft. By careful design and engineering we're able to create three floors – a new foundation with garage, the original main floor, and an attic floor with new dormers for light and fresh air, bringing total sq footage up to 2,100 – 2,800.

Because of the narrow lot size (25 x 75) each home has to first be lifted in place, while a foundation is excavated and poured, before the house can be set back down.

Plans and progress of each home will be posted as it occurs.