The Rose Museum at Carnegie Hall

19 exhibits conceived, written and designed in collaboration with Carnegie Hall's Archivist and Curator, Gino Francesconi, 1991 – 2009.

[Carnegie Hall]

Permanent display cases were built with thin brass rails as musical staves. The Hall's history exhibit, and each year's changing exhibits, are then 'composed' and theatrically lit, against Carnegie Hall's musical score.

Opening Spring 2010:
The History of Carnegie Hall,

[Tchaikovsky Exhibit 1991]
[Carnegie Hall History Exhibit 1991]
[Vienna Philharmonic Exhibit 1992]
[Leonard Bernstein Exhibit 1993]
[Beethoven Exhibit 1996]
[Marian Anderson Exhibit 1997]
[Carnegie Hall History Exhibit 1999]
[The Rose Museum at Carnegie Hall, 1]
[The Rose Museum at Carnegie Hall, 2]
[The Rose Museum at Carnegie Hall, 3]
[The Rose Museum at Carnegie Hall, 4]
[Schubert Exhibit 1997]
[George and Ira Gershwin Exhibit 1998]
[Isaac Stern Exhibit 2000]
[Pianists at Carnegie Exhibit 2003]
[Betty Freeman Portraits Exhibit 2004]
[LIVE! at Carnegie Hall Exhibit 2005]
[Leonard Bernstein 2008]
[Steve Reich at 70 Exhibit 2006]
[Mozart Manuscripts and First Editions Exhibit 2006]
[Carnegie Hall and Berlin Exhibit 2007]
[Benny Goodman Exhibit: April 2008]
[The African American Experience at Carnegie Hall 2009]